“Roya Samarghandi was very helpful with a challenging and complex legal matter. ...  Roya did an excellent job of answering all of our questions and was able to successfully complete the process in an expedient manner. … Roya's strategy was efficient and effective.  I appreciate all that she did to help me.  Her communication was clear and timely. Her pricing structure was also very much appreciated….” - C.W.

"Roya is great - very responsive, and unlike other lawyer interactions, she was more concerned with addressing my issue(s) than billing ... I am a lawyer myself and used her services and would recommend her [services] to my colleagues." - N.W.

“It was nice being able to communicate with an attorney on our level. The attorney we dealt with, Roya Samarghandi, was knowledgeable about all aspects of the law regarding our case and we felt comfortable with her [advice].” - S.W.

"Roya was very helpful throughout, knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive. Everything you want in an attorney representing you." - S.N.

“Roya was very helpful throughout the entire process; it exceeded my expectations. I received the outcome I desired - as well as was given assistance and a positive resolution in a related manner.” - B.A.

"I thought Carmel Law was very straightforward with me about financial matters and things pertaining directly to the case. It was the best experience I've ever had with a lawyer." - D.M.

"Attorney Roya worked her tail off to handle my case. There were difficult and trying times, but I was never concerned. She was diligent in her work, extremely professional and more than I ever expected from any attorney. There were no questions left unanswered. My entire experience was pleasant and I owe it all to her!!" - D.U.

"It was fast and simple process. All questions or concerns were answered in a timely manner." - K.W.

"I felt assured that Roya was understanding of the aspects of my identity that were important to the case, such as my being transgender and a licensed social worker. Something that immediately helped me feel at ease...." - R.R.